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Conexus SG partners with Dallas-Fort Worth service companies to help them implement, integrate, and optimize business software. A NetSuite solution provider, Conexus SG offers the ERP consulting and the ERP implementation that your service company has been looking for. With NetSuite's cloud-based platform and a Conexus SG as a partner, businesses can enjoy the advantages of real-time data and automated processes that optimizing an ERP affords. 

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netsuite for service companies

NetSuite provides businesses complete visibility across operations in a unified place for complete lifecycle management. NetSuite ERP offers a single suite of applications that connects your business's finances, sales, and services to help you optimize your operations.

professional services automation

Automate, streamline, and increase project margins and profitability.

services resources planning

Real-time data and analytics gives you complete visibility into, and control over, your entire business– all while decreasing inefficiencies and integration overhead.

customer relationship management

A single repository of customer interaction, including a complete 360-degree view of every customer, enables competitive service quality.

openair resource management

Complete and comprehensive visibility into resources, allowing you to optimize staffing and resource utilization.


Whether you are an advertising company, media company, or some other kind of service company, NetSuite has solutions designed specifically with your business needs in mind. If you have additional questions on how NetSuite can serve your business, and how Conexus SG as a partner can help you optimize NetSuite, contact us today.

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