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Eric Holleman, Managing Director

Eric HollemanEric Holleman has been connecting Technology, Finance and Operations for his entire twenty plus year career. Eric began his career with the big four accounting firm of Ernst and Young where he was among the first to utilize Computer Assisted Auditing.  After earning his license as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Eric moved on to Texas’ largest bank, Nations Bank, where he was instrumental in creating the financial processes, procedures and systems to enable the creation of a spin-off company, Amresco.

Eric left Amresco to build a consulting firm, which was later sold to an international firm.  As the director of the business applications practice for this major consultancy, Eric and his team worked with clients to craft solutions to complex business issues.

With his experience to guide him, Eric took the role of CFO for Ensemble Studios, a highly successful, Dallas based software company. Ensemble was acquired by Microsoft and Eric completed his work around the acquisition and transitioned his functions to the corporate office.

Eric’s next opportunity was as CFO for Belmont Wealth Management, a financial services holding company.  After converting to a new consolidated General Ledger System, Eric replaced all of the operational systems with an integrated system handling order and trade management, performance reporting and customer relationship management. Having revamped all operational areas of the company, Eric was promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

In 2008, Eric joined Conexus SG and returned to his passion, consulting. His multidisciplinary approach to business has enabled him to have unique insights into understanding, communicating and most importantly, meeting the needs of his clients. In his many years of consulting, Eric’s clients have included Goldman Sachs, UBS, Bank One, Stewart Title, The Richards Group, Centex Homes and Regency Gas Services.


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