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Cibermaxima: MS Dynamics SL

Cibermaxima is a product development company focused on Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Microsoft Dynamics SL expands on the core Microsoft Business Solutions-Microsoft Dynamics SL Financials module with a sophisticated register specifically for asset management. Since it is connected to the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Sales Orders, Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Inventory and Project, the Fixed Assets module eliminates any need for duplication. A number of otherwise labor intensive tasks are easily automated. What’s more, the module streamlines tasks such as year-end reporting.

A comprehensive retail solution specifically designed for Microsoft Dynamics SL. This module allows a retail environment to process sales, interact with Microsoft Dynamics SL’s inventory, collect cash, and record on-account charges. With the integration of Tundra POS, Accounts Receivables, General Ledger, and Microsoft Dynamics SL’s inventory modules, you will have up-to-date knowledge in a timely manner. You will know instantly which customers are doing volume purchasing and which items are selling. With this information, you will be able to manage your inventory in a more profitable way, while saving you costly inventory errors.

The best analysis tool for Microsoft Dynamics SL data, specifically designed for Microsoft Excel. This module gives you the ability to build, with just a few clicks, an Excel spreadsheet with data from any Microsoft Dynamics SL module or with preconfigured cubes, to effectively gain an understanding of you business without any Microsoft Dynamics SL-specific knowledge.

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