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ImageLink is offered as a collection of integrated modules.  This allows an enterprise to start with a base system and add more modules and users as needs dictate.  A common SQL Server database is used to index and coordinate the sharing of all documents.

Scanned Documents such as TIFF and JPEG
Mixed Mode (PDF, CAD)
Office documents (Word, Excel, Outlook)
Audio/Video (Wave and MPEG)
Others-any document type support by the user’s desktop

Documents can enter the ImageLink environment from a variety of sources. Once indexed and stored in ImageLink’s repository, they are retrieved without regard to document type.

Interactive Scanning scan documents while entering accounting information. Documents are automatically indexed based on the data of the active accounting screen.
Browse and Drag/Drop and import existing documents. Any document within the users computer or associated network can be imported into the ImageLink environment. This imported document is indexed as described above.

Interactive Barcode Printing print labels with barcodes via a small desktop printer and attach the label to the first page of the document. The document is scanned and automatically indexed later via Batch Processing.

Batch Barcode Processing automatically index documents with intelligent barcodes. Intelligent barcodes contain information such as a delivery receipt number.
Batch Scanning and Indexing scan stacks of of documents and process them interactively from within the accounting system.

Returned Documents/Batch Processing

Print Capture capture report images such as checks and invoices as they are printed. These documents can then be automatically indexed and stored with other accounting documents.

Cancelled Checks from Bank automatically capture and index these documents each month as they are returned from the bank via CD or DVD.

ImageLink is a seamlessly integrated document management solution. With ImageLink, accounting users click a button to attach supporting documents such as vendor invoices to financial transactions as they enter them. Retrieval is available through inquiry by drilling down from corresponding transactions and master files to the attached documents.

Use Batch Scanning to scan batches of documents in a separate step from attaching them to the financial transaction. With the ImageLink Base Package, supporting documentation is added as transactions are entered. Adding Batch Indexing allows documents to be scanned by one person and made available for entry into the accounting system for another; or to use a departmental scanner instead of one on your desktop. Batch indexing is required if bar-coding of paper documents is used to automate the linking and indexing process.

Index documents received electronically from remote locations.
Index documents that are bar-coded from within the accounting system in lieu of interactive scanning.
Index documents that were bar-coded as printed. This is a convenient way to capture returned proof-of delivery information.
Index electronically returned cancelled checks. Some banks return cancelled checks (front and back) via CD or DVD.

Super Search provides rapid document search and retrieval outside of the accounting system. This module allows easy access to documents for users with assigned security access (including sales people) that do not know how to navigate within the accounting software system . Accounting systems users may find these search capabilities an efficient search alternative to drill-down inquiry functions within the accounting system.

All documents linked from within the accounting system appear in the Super Search application. Documents can be added directly into Super Search, if the Application Wizard is implemented.

Without access to the accounting system, designated users can locate and display accounting-related documents.
Non accounting documents can be organized and accessed (requires Application Design Wizard).
Designated remote users, that are connected via Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix, can locate and display documents

This module is an application of the print-capture function. As check runs are printed, ImageLink captures the check image and automatically indexes it to the payment application screens in Dynamics GP & SL.

Capture checks as they are printed and index them based on the invoices that they pay.
Capture and index AR invoices as they are printed.
Capture reports such as Aged Trail Balance. Allows viewing without producing paper and satisfies archival requirements.

This is an interactive tool that supports the sophisticated development needs for the users of Super Search. This module can be used to expand document imaging to help meet the needs of non-accounting departments. Non-financial data such as legal and tax documents can be defined with this product.

This tool allows your administrator to define relationships and indexes to capture and find documents, create cabinets and folders for organizing documents, and to set up security (who is allowed to see and/ or manipulate specific documents). With this tool, you create your own applications so the required indexing can be easily keyed. By using Application Design Wizard all information outside the accounting system, whether digital or paper, can be imaged and retrieved instantly. Using Super Search, you can search quickly and effortlessly by the indexes that your administrator sets up.

Set up a legal cabinet with folders for contracts
Set up a property management cabinet with folders for each property

The workflow product provides access to the user’s workflow tasks. By selecting a task, the user can view source documents and accounting information related to the task. The source documents can be of any type, including Email, Word, Excel spreadsheets and scanned paperwork.

The accounting information is pulled from the accounting database and is presented real time. The options available to the user include Approve, Decline and Forward.

The workflow process can be a rules based in that templates can be designed to establish routing rules. A workflow language is used to define the templates. This gives the designer flexibility so that rules can be based on dollar amount, group relationships and expiration dates.

There are two aspects to workflow the workflow engine and applications. The engine is responsible for enforcing the workflow rules, moving control from user to user and presenting documents and application programs for the user to interact with. By design, the ImageLink workflow engine is generic and can support any workflow-oriented application.

Applications are the programs where data can be viewed and decisions such as Approve and Decline can be made. ImageLink Workflow currently includes the workflow engine and one application (AP approval).

ImageLink products naturally run well in Terminal Server and Citrix sessions. However, with this arrangement, applications cannot communicate directly with scanners that are physically connected to the user’s workstation. The ImageLink TS/Citrix scanner interface provides a way for the ImageLink application programs to perform this communication.

ImageLink is run within a Terminal Server or Citrix session
A shared drive must be made available to both the workstation and the session
Scanner is connected with a Twain driver

Two support options are offered for ImageLink. The Premium Plan is required for the first year of operation. After the first year, the Basic Plan may be selected.

Bug Fixes
Added functionality made to the purchased products
Enhancements made based on requirement changes of the accounting system
Knowledge-base access to submit problems and to view knowledge-base entry information


All features of the basic plan
Installation assistance
Scanner setup support
Interactive telephone support
Priority response

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