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IronWare Technologies

IronWare Technologies has developed a number of custom solutions for Microsoft Business Solutions. These powerful add-on solutions provide program enhancement with added functionality for a more complete experience and optimized performance with your Dynamics business solution.

IronWare custom add-on solutions include:

A powerful integration solution for Microsoft Dynamics SL customers, enabling users to leverage the customer relationship management (CRM) functions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM within SL accounting processes.

A powerful add-on solution designed to automate the conversion of multiple international currency rates to Dynamics SL accounting systems, Multi-Currency Rate Upload enables organizations to easily schedule, verify and apply the latest rates for multiple conversions at numerous daily intervals.

Enables organizations to establish and secure posting activities by restricting data entry to a defined range of periods, including past, current and future. Hard Close Enterprise also defines and manages posting rights and restrictions for users, groups, modules or the entire company.

Provides the capability to add or restrict individual user rights such as allowing selected users to post transactions to any period.

Tool for SL end users to customize their accounting software solution to fit their business needs.

Automatically creates GL journal transaction batches from ADP payroll files.

A FREE customization to add formatting to numeric fields in almost 300 Dynamics SL screens!

Offers Solomon users the ability to seamlessly process complex sales tax calculations from both the Solomon Order Management Shipper screen and the AR Invoice and Memo screen.

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