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Scribe Insight: Dynamics Integration and Migration

Microsoft Dynamics Integration and Migration Solutions

Scribe has discovered the majority of Microsoft Dynamics customers require the ability to integrate their sales and financial data such as leads, customers, orders, inventory and invoices, with other applications and enable their employees to have the latest customer information, at their fingertips. This real-time, integrated data between your Dynamics applications and other applications in the enterprise allows for better customer service, the ability to up-sell and cross sell products and services, and the reduction of duplicate data entry and errors. Scribe integration solutions for Microsoft Dynamics provides seamless connectivity through data migration and data integration, to virtually any application, without any need to write code. Scribe has thousands of customer implementations integrating Microsoft Dynamics applications with a number of the applications and endpoints found in the graphic above.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration Solution Fundamentals

Scribe created our Microsoft Dynamics migration and integration solutions with the following fundamentals:

The tool must have a graphical user interface that enables business or data analysts (the people that know the issue best) to design and deploy sophisticated integration solutions for Microsoft Dynamics applications.

That enables companies to easily support and maintain the integration solution long after it has been deployed.

That enables the core Insight design environment to view all applications in the same way, while presenting information about each application to the designer that is important to the integration task. View our Adapters page for a complete list of our Application and Connectivity adapters that work with Microsoft Dynamics.

That enables companies to integrate these core business systems with the wide variety of applications and data stores that are unique to their business.

That enables the user to quickly assemble reusable integration components and configure them for each deployment’s unique needs. These templates have been created for customers to use free of charge, and are the initial steps in creating your successful Microsoft Dynamics integration solution.

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