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Conexus SG Values

Conexus sg values: The foundation of our success

At Conexus SG, we are passionate about our partnerships with our clients. We love what we do and the people we get to work with! Our team tenaciously strives to not only put clients first in all that we do, but also to become their biggest advocate. We look for creative ways to optimize businesses and enable our clients to be more self-sufficient around reporting, administration, and integrations. We implement this with training, robust integration tools, our unique approach to optimizing business processes, and by adhering to our values. 

Below, you’ll find descriptions of how our six core values– Clients First, Passion, Creativity, Tenacity, Advocacy, and Partnership— guide the Conexus SG team.  

If you are looking for ERP consultants that you can completely trust to help you optimize your business, look no further than Conexus SG! We would love to hear from you and give you more information about how we can help you. Contact us for a complimentary consultation or for answers to any questions you have.

Our values set us apart and allow us to deliver services to our clients that positively impact business operations and success. We believe in our values so much that we have this exact image framed and hanging around the office!

our core values

clients first

We always put our clients first and truly believe we are here to serve them. By focusing on the client and taking a consultative approach, we can not only meet current goals, but find new and innovative ways to improve workflow and ERP processes.


We are passionate about our clients! We care about their success and want their businesses to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. Every consultation we give, every solution we design, and every tool we implement are opportunities to maximize value. Our team members are not just programmers or accountants. We are passionate and dedicated consultants who strive to make your business more agile, more secure, more credible, more dynamic, and more integrated.


We are innovative with the way we think. To find the best possible solutions for your ERP, we must think outside the box. Our consultants work together to find creative and imaginative ideas and turn them into realities. Because each customer’s business model is unique, we work as team to find inventive resolutions.


We are tenacious in finding solutions to the needs and requests of our customers. Our consultants are determined to craft the right solution to meet each unique requirement. Our specialized team is persistent and has over 100 combined years of ERP consulting experience to help us deliver high-touch, successful services to our clients. 


We aspire to be our clients’ biggest advocate. We aim to find the best platform for our clients and optimize their ERP in every way possible. We only provide solutions that we believe will truly help and add value to our customers. Our team is here to support our clients with everything that touches ERP. Our support questions are sent to a shared inbox of expert consultants, so clients can be served as quickly as possible. We understand the importance of your business management system and the impact of when systems are down or you cannot get the information you need in a timely fashion. We will work to keep you optimized every day.


We believe in partnership and bringing value to our customers by collaborating, connecting and building relationships. We look at our clients as part of the team and want them to be as successful as possible. By being partners with all of our customers, we aim to reciprocate value. We share liabilities and profits with our clients. If clients aren’t successful, neither are we. When you have Conexus SG as a partner, you are getting more than just a consultant to answer your questions. You are getting a team who is engaged and dedicated to make you as efficient as possible.