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ERP Optimization

erp optimization

Business is good, your company is growing, but your current systems are not supporting your evolving vision. You’ve added operational systems, but the systems don’t talk to one another. It’s time to rethink your business and consider how to support it more appropriately. You need ERP Optimized.

Conexus SG helps you optimize your software system to better serve your changing business. We work with you and your team to craft a tailored set of solutions, such as redesigned chart of accounts, faster close cycle, implementing new support modules, report builder, real-time business intelligence, redefined iterative process, fully integrated accounting software, and better access to data so you can drill down, filter, pivot, and more. 

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tailored for your changing business

We operate both within and outside your ERP software to develop, implement, and integrate the right solutions for your changing business. Our team of consultants works with you to identify your specific needs and pain-points, while our certified trainers ensure that the transition is smooth and easy for your business and its employees.

With tailored reporting capability, you can send the information you want to the people you want, when you want.

Support your business intelligently and allow it to reach its maximum value. A solid ERP solution from NetSuite or Microsoft Dynamics and Conexus SG empowers you to create greater value for your employees and your investors. The intuitive agility that comes from working with our expert consultants and an optimized platform allow you to take your business to the next level.

benefits of partnering with conexus sg for erp optimization

  • When you partner with Conexus SG to power your business, you can expect increased profitability, improved productivity, and reduced organizational overhead. 
  • Working with Conexus SG to optimize your ERP will allow you to shorten close cycles, offer better customer service through more efficient customer orders and invoices processing, enhance inventory management, and improve AR management. 
  • Profitability will improve due to reduced IT costs, decreased accounting and auditing costs, and reduced HR and payroll costs. 
  • For information on the benefits that you specifically can expect, contact Conexus SG for a complimentary consultation.