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ERP Business Intelligence

erp business intelligence

As a finance professional, you need to be able to measure your historic performance against your strategic objectives – quickly and easily. With the insight you gain from a partnership with Conexus SG, you can shorten close cycles, meet regulatory demands, and increase productivity. A faster and more disciplined accounting software system leads to superior strategic management. Continue reading for an overview of how ERP Business Intelligence can help you optimize your business, or contact us for more information about gaining a partner who understands your needs.

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A quick look at your software and data systems can give you the answer.

common stumbling blocks: signs your erp isn’t working to your advantage

Signs that you are not using your ERP system to its full potential include spending countless man hours wading through unorganized information, calling IT every time you need to make modifications to a report, inaccurate data analysis that keeps you from pulling ahead of your competitors, nonexistent real-time access to your Key Performance Indicators so that you can proactively run your business, and reliability and timelines of your data limiting your business deliverables.

Conexus SG helps your business access the information you need – when and where you need it – so you can work faster and more accurately with our Business Intelligence solutions. Stay ahead of the competition by working with Conexus SG to minimize these common inefficiencies.

work smarter

Get in front of your data and more intelligently predict trends with Business Intelligence from Conexus SG. Arm your team with the ability to create detailed reports and utilize robust data analysis. We help you increase productivity, streamline business processes, and minimize risk.

Conexus SG is committed to a tailored approach to your implementation, training, integration, and optimization of your business processes. Find the precise information you need by drilling down to the data you want. Realize your opportunities before your competitors.

collaborate better

Detailed data solutions like customized dashboards and cloud based sharing capabilities increase efficiency and allow your employees to collaborate simultaneously online through. With role-tailored KPIs, your team can focus on what matters to their specific job roles, so you can better prioritize tasks and ensure that operations perform at their best.

plan faster

Our ERP solutions allow you to use predictive modeling tools to investigate potential business processes and monitor against strategic goals. You can also examine historical data against current sales orders to more accurately forecast inventory and product placement.

ERP Business intelligence tools

Conexus SG can help you and your team connect with the tools and data that best suit your needs and specific requirements.

NetSuite BI Tools: Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)

NetSuite Business Intelligence: Provides the power of built-in, real-time, dashboards, reporting, and analysis across all integrated processes within the software suite.

PBCS: Gain real-time visibility to identify issues, trends, and opportunities.

With these tools, you will be able to instantly drill down to the underlying transaction to take action, gain on-the-go access via web browser and mobile device, and more.

dynamics gp tools

Business Alerts: Get customized alerts via email or through Microsoft Dynamics GP whenever your business changes.

SmartLists: Instantly create sophisticated queries to drill down to obtain comprehensive information about customers, vendors, inventory items, employee records, and general ledger accounts.

SmartList Builder: Allow your employees to build tailored SmartLists that quickly link to Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as other data sources such as CRM or manufacturing systems, and capture data that follows your custom set of criteria.

Executive Center Dashboard with Charts and KPIs: View and maintain your key business metrics instantly on a single, intuitive screen.

Management Reporter: Project your gross profit trends and understand your fiscal target goals with accurate and timely reporting from Management Reporter.

sql tools for GP

SQL Server Reporting Services: Gain more flexibility in writing your reports with over 90 built-in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports with an intuitive wizard that makes it easy to deploy reports within your ERP.

SQL Server Report Builder: Produce new reports or modify the chart, key performance indicator, and report formats that come out of the box with Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL as a self-service function.

Analysis Cubes for Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL and Analysis Cubes Library: Analyze data from personalized perspectives and formats with a report creation wizard for straightforward report creation, including pivot tables.

SQL Server 2012 Data Warehousing: Strengthen your business with an enterprise ready platform that integrates exponential memory capabilities with accelerated BI functionality through familiar Office tools like Excel and SharePoint. Achieve a data warehouse platform that stores well beyond 600TB of information at a fraction of the cost.

excel tools for GP

GP Excel Reports: 220+ built-in, refreshable reports that allow your employees to work with a familiar Microsoft interface.

GP Excel Report Builder: Develop and customize reports from multiple data sources by utilizing the familiar capability of Excel.

SQL Add-ins for Excel: Empowers your employees to utilize predictive modeling without having to learn complicated data mining processes. Identify trends and problems in your data to evaluate relationships within your information and help you predict future outcomes.

Power Pivot: Evaluate and analyze massive amounts of data through unrivaled computational capability within Excel, and communicate easily in the cloud through SharePoint.

sql tools for GP

Budgeting: Cloud-based budgeting module to capture and manage strategies, goals, budgets, forecasts, and what-if scenario models. Workflow enabled to manage your budgeting and forecasting cycles.

Reporting: Offers reporting with NetSuite & Microsoft Dynamics integrations. Additional features include web and mobile interfacing as well as a variety of layouts and presentation formats.

Dashboards: These user friendly, web-based dashboards connect your people to your data to power your business.

Data Warehouse: Brings disparate data together in a single database for consolidated and efficient reporting.

Netsuite and Microsoft dynamics ERP optimized

Conexus SG connects you to the information that you need to power your business. Don’t fall behind when it comes to accessing your information. Contact Conexus SG today and get connected with the information you need to power your business. 

The Conexus SG process enables us to best serve the needs of your business, no matter what they may be. Learn more about our process here.

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Conexus SG’s portfolio of products accelerates your business by helping you to manage your data better so that you can optimize your data better. We provide NetSuite solutions, the full range of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, as well as Microsoft Office 365 for a wealth of choice and functionality.

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