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Our Successes

Conexus sg successes

At Conexus SG, we specialize in expert implementation, tailored training, integration, custom BI and reporting, and optimization of NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) and SL (Solomon). We oftentimes refer to this process as ITIBO.

As an established Dallas-Fort Worth ERP consulting firm that believes in creating relationships with our clients founded on our core values, Conexus SG has successfully helped countless businesses optimize their systems and empower their operations.  

Our firm is proud to share a selection of our accomplishments below, categorized by each step in our ITIBO process: Implementation, Training, Integrations, Business Intelligence and Reporting, and Optimization. 

The Conexus SG team looks forward to hearing from you so that we can tell you more about how we can help you work smarter and use information as an asset to grow your business. Fill out this contact form and we will contact you directly! 



Are you constrained by your current ERP? Have you outgrown Quickbooks, MAS, or Peachtree? Is the financial burden of SAP killing your bottom line? Need help with an ERP implementation? Conexus SG can help! Keep reading to learn more about our ERP implementation services, or contact us for more information. 

Partnering with Conexus SG allows you to succeed with a cost effective, efficient, and reliable ERP system. Robust platforms like NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL allow you to access the tools and information you need to propel your business forward. Our world-class enterprise solutions are customized to suit your specific business software requirements and operations.


You want unsurpassed visibility into your business processes. Conexus SG offers Cloud and on premise ERP solutions that optimize your capabilities and accelerate your business environment. Our solutions are designed to give users quick and simple access to valuable information. We expertly integrate your systems to create a transparent organizational structure that you can navigate with ease.

Access the information you need – when and where you need it – with web-based applications like NetSuiteMicrosoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL web client/web apps, Microsoft Office 365Management ReporterReQLogic: Purchasing Workflow, and Solver BI 360.

From inception through project maintenance, Conexus SG works with you to increase productivity and streamline your business processes. Our methodology examines your requirements, designs the best system for your specific needs, deploys your custom-made structures, and maintains fluid operations – from the moment they go live to well down the road.

Your business is always growing. Now, your company can grow with it. From rapid start implementation and efficient data migration, to optimizing your chart of accounts and continued training and education — we keep your software and operations current with the changing needs of your business.


Prior to Implementation, Conexus SG familiarizes employees with the look and feel of their upcoming business software system, introduces relevant system functions and capabilities, and teaches teams how to navigate new accounting software, tools, and applications. In order for your ERP systems to work to your team’s advantage, your team must know how to access important data and use the software effectively.

Conexus SG offers post-implementation and gap training services that are a natural follow-through for your newly optimized or   implemented software solution. 

Designed to specifically address your needs and operations, Conexus SG uses your company’s data as a model, and we train employees on how to use your business software accordingly. 

Whether your team needs immediate training for your individual issues and pain-points or your team needs educational services to learn how to best use your ERP system to the company’s advantage, Conexus SG offers employees step-by-step guidance using familiar data such as your customer’s invoices. 

Conexus SG offers extensive tailored application training to suit your needs. Services including education on KPIs, dashboards, drill down, filter, pivot tables, and more allows our expert team to cover any ERP training and education needs you and your team might have.  

Our take complete advantage of your software capabilities. Learn how to  utilize NetSuiteMicrosoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics SLManagement Reporter, SQL Reporting Services, Excel Self Service BI (Power Pivot), and more. 

We can also help educate you and your team on how to best utilize and navigate accounting system software for financials, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, distribution, and projects. 


Partnering with Conexus SG gives you the peace of mind and confidence to know that the internal and external data systems that you rely on are being expertly integrated with your ERP system.

We know that all businesses are different, and you deserve an integration process that is tailored to the way you work. We take the time to understand your specific pain-points and design the best solution for your particular needs. Our priority is to simplify your tasks and increase efficiency. We are dedicated to connecting you with the information you need to power your business while adhering to the values that allow us to develop an outstanding and productive partnership with you and your team.

Our consultants will help you build a solution that optimizes the way you work, so you can get the information you need, when and where you need it.
Conexus SG has the knowledge to integrate your external systems in phases to ensure that everyone on your team is comfortable and well-educated on the capabilities of their ERP system. We strive to offer you the ultimate in user experience and collaborative competencies.

Ensure that your reports are precise with help from Conexus SG. Stop second guessing your reporting with a specialized, superiorly integrated ERP solution. Make planning, budgeting, and forecasting straightforward with increased visibility into your business. For expertly integrated solutions that will allow you to propel your business forward, contact Conexus SG today! Our ERP consultants have over 100 years of combined experience to help our clients achieve results.

business intelligence and reporting

Conexus SG excels in leveraging advanced business intelligence within the NetSuite platform, making us the perfect partner to truly comprehend your business needs. With our tailored BI solutions, we unlock valuable insights, providing a comprehensive understanding of your operations. At Conexus SG, we’re committed to delivering data-driven strategies that help your business thrive, ensuring that every decision is rooted in knowledge and tailored to your unique requirements.

Signs that you are not using your ERP system to its full potential include spending countless man hours wading through unorganized information, calling IT every time you need to make modifications to a report, inaccurate data analysis that keeps you from pulling ahead of your competitors, nonexistent real-time access to your Key Performance Indicators so that you can proactively run your business, and reliability and timelines of your data limiting your business deliverables. Conexus SG helps your business access the information you need – when and where you need it – so you can work faster and more accurately with our Business Intelligence solutions. Stay ahead of the competition by working with Conexus SG to minimize these common inefficiencies.


When you partner with Conexus SG to power your business, you can expect increased profitability, improved productivity, and reduced organizational overhead. 

Working with Conexus SG to optimize your ERP will allow you to shorten close cycles, offer better customer service through more efficient customer orders and invoices processing, enhance inventory management, and improve AR management. 

Profitability will improve due to reduced IT costs, decreased accounting and auditing costs, and reduced HR and payroll costs. 

For information on the benefits that you specifically can expect, contact Conexus SG for a complimentary consultation.


“I hired Conexus, SG to implement NetSuite when I was CFO of Mint Dentistry, the largest group of dental offices in the DFW areaConexus did a great job, coming in under budget and ahead of schedule. Conexus had the initial meetings and start up in our office, in person and then worked remotely and in our offices as neededIt was very fast, slick, painless and at the end of the day we had an amazing ERP system” 

Kendall Helfenbein, MBA, CPA, CFO of Vandelay Hospitality Group, LLC


“From day one, Conexus SG has provided exceptional service and as we have grown, Conexus has answered every question and delivered on every promise.” 

Jimmy Smith, CFO & COO, FC Dallas 

“We brought Conexus SG in after a failed attempt to implement our ERP solution with another supplier, and truly saved our projectConexus SG brought professionalism and expertise to the table to solve our most challenging and complex issues, and ensure our project was up and running without any delays. I’d recommend Conexus SG to anyone looking to implement a new softwareHands down a pleasure to work with!” 

 Lisa Martin, VP Controller, XRI 

“Conexus became our partner, and has been very instrumental in maintaining the needs, making adjustments along the way to facilitate our processes and suggesting additions or enhancements to keep us not only current, but also accommodate our growth. Hardware is easy, but software requires knowledgeable user types that can adapt with our needs. Conexus has just the right staff to accomplish that.” 

Dave Rutkowski, CFO, Golden Tree Restaurants and Affiliates 

“Conexus SG took on the challenge of upgrading our eight-year-old accounting software to the current version. It was a multi-step path out of such an old system, but their knowledge and careful attention to detail gave me piece of mind every step of the way. They continue to be a great partner and resource to help us get the most out of our system.” 

Jenise Harris Cox, CFO, Harris Packaging Corporation