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Fact Sheets

netsuite fact sheets

The library of NetSuite fact sheets provides a wealth of information about product capabilities and features.

Fact sheets are separated into the following categories: NetSuite General Information, Micro-Verticals, NetSuite CRM, and SuiteCommerce. 

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netsuite General information

leading practices for accounting and financials

Overview of NetSuite, the world’s #1 cloud business software suite, with a focus on leading practices for businesses working to stay competitive in today’s world.

netsuite advanced financials

NetSuite Advanced Financials brings complementary financial management functionality to NetSuite with features that allow finance departments to further automate processes, gain data visibility, and decrease time spent on manual tasks.

netsuite advanced procurement

Overview of NetSuite Advanced Procurement features and capabilities that help businesses streamline the procure-to-pay process by minimizing inefficiencies and maximizing end-to-end visibility.

Customer success: suiteoptimize

An introduction to challenges businesses face after initially implementing NetSuite, how a partner like Conexus SG can help companies cater NetSuite’s extensive functionalities to changing needs as growth occurs, and NetSuite’s Customer Success offering, SuiteOptimize.

netsuite advanced inventory

Overview of how NetSuite Advanced Inventory enables companies to manage inventory costs and inventory levels to optimize operations and meet customer expectations. 

netsuite advanced order management

Summary of NetSuite Advanced Order Management key benefits designed to help automate order management processes so that businesses can operate more efficiently and profitably.

netsuite recurring revenue management

Comprehensive breakdown of capabilities and functionalities that provide companies with the ability to manage billing processes, increase customer satisfaction, identify opportunities, and increase profitability.

netsuite revenue management

Overview of key features that allow businesses to use NetSuite to streamline and automate revenue recognition and management processes.

netsuite value assessment

Information on NetSuite’s proven methodology to help companies quantify the value impact of adopting and implementing NetSuite’s platform.

netsuite multi-book accounting

Overview of NetSuite Multi-Book features, including information on how accounting departments can use Multi-Book to seamlessly report financials and issue statements in compliance with multiple accounting standards, all managed from one suite. 

netsuite project management

Information on the NetSuite Project Management capabilities that help businesses gain valuable insight into their operations so that they can improve productivity and optimize efficiencies. 

netsuite recurring billing

Summary of NetSuite Recurring Billing functionalities and information on how companies can streamline and customize billing terms for subscription-based revenue models and gain valuable data to empower business and pricing decisions. 

netsuite suite billing

Information on how NetSuite SuiteBilling enables businesses to flexibly streamline billing processes and increase billing and financial activity transparency. 

Netsuite openair data center

Facts about NetSuite’s OpenAir Data Center and the steps that NetSuite takes to ensure that user information is safe, protected, and recoverable.

netsuite order management

Breakdown of the NetSuite Order Management features and key benefits. 

scaling netsuite

Overview of NetSuite Service Tiers and SuiteCloud Plus licenses and which service tiers are best for various implementations and businesses. 

#1 cloud erp for startups

Brief breakdown of the reasons why NetSuite is the #1 cloud ERP for startups.

suitesolutions: at a glance

Descriptions of the industry-leading solutions NetSuite offers under SuiteSolutions to help accelerate the implementation process and move companies through common challenges. 

suitesolutions: advance approvals

Information on how SuiteSolution’s Advance Approvals empower businesses to create a framework for consistent approval processes across all transaction types. 

suitesolutions: consolidated invoicing

Summary of SuiteSolutions: Consolidated Invoicing, which provides multiple options for generating tailorable invoices. 

suitesolutions: csv integrator

Summary of SuiteSolutions: CSV Integrator, which enables automated integration for uploading CSV files from external sources into NetSuite.

suitesolutions: rebate management

Information on SuiteSolutions: Rebate Management functionalities and key features, including applying multiple rebates per transaction and calculating the impact of rebates on sales profits. 

suitesolutions: shared vendor bills

General overview of creating distribution schedules for common and shared expenses with SuiteSolutions: Shared Vendor Bills.

netsuite data center fact sheet

Comprehensive breakdown of NetSuite’s Data Center infrastructure with information about the ways NetSuite works to keep user data secure. 


Alternative lenders run on netsuite

Alternative financing platforms are experiencing massive growth and turning to NetSuite for the data visibility and management capabilities necessary for rapid scalability.

clinics run on netsuite

NetSuite empowers clinics to efficiently manage back-office systems so that practitioners have the time, energy, data, and organizational structure they need to care for patients and adapt to a changing health care landscape. 

The dental industry runs on netsuite

As dentists add new practice lines and services to distinguish their care from increasing amounts of competition, NetSuite helps streamline back-office responsibilities.

netsuite and professional sports franchises

NetSuite delivers third-party ticketing system integration, 360-degree customer views, asset management tools, and much more to professional sports franchises across the U.S. and around the world.

netsuite for private equity firms

Private equity firms that implement NetSuite enjoy comprehensive financial management capabilities, real-time reporting and analytics, and countless additional features that allow them to adapt to today’s markets intelligently and effectively. 

netsuite services resource planning (SRP)

Overview of how NetSuite SRP’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Professional Services Automation (PSA), and accounting/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionalities can support a complete services lifecycle from bid to bill.

dcaa compliance in the cloud

Overview of Datson DCAA-on-Demand features that enable government contractors to meet federal contractor regulatory compliance requirements seamlessly. 

netsuite crm

NetSuite crm +

Detailed breakdown of the powerful features and capabilities of NetSuite CRM + that enable businesses to improve customer relations while maintaining backend efficiency. 

the convergence of crm with the ecommerce platform

The future of CRM and eCommerce systems as the world moves into the next phase of technological evolution. 


suitecommerce overview

Comprehensive outline of the ways NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce offers a unified solution for businesses to manage and deliver seamless omnichannel shopping experiences to their customers. 

suitecommerce instore

Summary of SuiteCommerce InStore, a single, cloud-based commerce application with mobile accessibility that allows for the unification of physical and digital shopping experiences. 

suitecommerce standard

Breakdown of SuiteCommerce Standard features that allow for the quick launch of an online store that effortlessly integrates with the other operational management systems in place. 

suitecommerce advanced: engaging experiences on any device

Breakdown of SuiteCommerce Advanced features, including information on how this system allows for the expansion of online storefronts and the ability to create dynamic experiences for people shopping using mobile devices.  

suitecommerce customer center: Self-service online account management

Summary of SuiteCommerce Customer Center offerings, self-service online account management accessible 24/7 and available for both B2C and B2B operations.