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Manufacturing Optimized

manufacturing optimized

Conexus SG partners with manufacturers to help them implement, integrate, and optimize business software solutions. Whether your current systems are not integrated effectively or you are looking to further utilize data to optimize your business operations, Conexus SG is ready and able to assist. As a NetSuite solution provider, Conexus SG offers the integrated ERP software solutions and ERP implementation and optimization consulting that you have been looking for. 

NetSuite For Manufacturers

NetSuite’s cloud-based financials/ERP and omnichannel software suite gives manufacturers real-time, consolidated data to make informed business decisions and manage operations efficiently. Conexus SG helps clients understand how to implement and use solution features strategically to optimize business. We focus on information as an asset.

For more information on how we can  help you and your team implement effective ERP solutions and optimize data to empower your business, fill out our contact form and one of our team members will contact you directly.

netsuite for manufacturers

netsuite for advanced manufacturing

features and capabilities designed to streamline manufacturing processes

NetSuite’s platform has countless features designed with manufacturers in mind. The Conexus SG team has over 100 years of combined ERP consulting experience and can effectively help you determine how and when to employ these features to best optimize your business practices. Read about our process for more information on how we achieve results and help our clients use information as an asset no matter where they are in the optimization process. 


Powerful capabilities to strengthen customer relationships seamlessly.

product data management

Accelerate product development and efficiently manage data with countless features designed specifically with product-based businesses in mind.

order management

Increase revenue and profits, empower your team to deliver seamless experiences to your customers/clients, and gain a 360-degree views of your customers across all channels with order fulfillment features.

planning and scheduling

Optimize inventory levels, increase turns, decrease costs with order consolidation, increase ordering efficiency, and more.


Gain efficiencies the procurement process with features designed to manage spending, simplify goods and services requests, and to give you real-time data end-to-end.

Production control

Real-time data of your manufacturing processes allows you to control your process in the way that best fits your facilities, adds efficiency, and increases profits. 

supply chain management

Easily monitor any outsourced manufacturing processes with a global view of all of your inventory– regardless of where it is– and increase collaborative efficiency with your supply chain partners.

shop floor control

Real-time updates from the shop floor delivered with comprehensive and easy-to-use functionality, including mobile access.

quality management

Deliver the highest quality products to your customers, all with minimal overhead.

WIP and routings

Streamline operations and optimize manufacturing operations by establishing attainable volume and cost targets, tracking performance, and having access to data that allows you to identify root causes for any issues that occur. 

work orders and assemblies

Define assembly items and bill of materials; create work orders, record assembly builds, and manage inventory of parts easily, effectively, and all from one system.

food and beverage manufacturers

Between changing consumer tastes and complying with regulatory standards, food and beverage manufacturers need a comprehensive and unified system like NetSuite in place now more than ever before.