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Conexus SG, A NetSuite Partner in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

There is no “I” in Conexus SG, but there is an “Us”. Conexus SG is “Us” optimized.

At Conexus SG, we are passionate about our partnership with our clients and strive to put them first in all that we do. We look for creative ways to enable our clients to be more self-supportive around reporting, administration, and integrations. We implement this through training, Excel and SQL based reporting, robust integration tools, and our unique approach to optimizing your business processes.

We understand that your company’s value is your greatest asset. You continually work to expand your market share, maximize profitability for your shareholders, and reduce operational cost. Each of these tasks are crucial stepping stones toward a larger purpose: growing the value of your business. At Conexus SG, we know that you need timely access to accurate information — so you can propel your business forward.

Every consultation we give, every solution we design, and every tool we implement are opportunities to maximize your value. Our team members aren’t just programmers or accountants. We are dedicated consultants who strive to make your business more agile, more secure, more credible more dynamic.

Our Solutions

Our business expertise and extensive toolbox of NetSuite work to support your particular needs and operations. Conexus SG takes a collaborative approach to creating a solution that works for you. Meaning our consultants work with your business to design innovative solutions – to enhance your operations, solve your specific pain points, and maximize your potential.

Our Services

We are not just in the software business — we are a people business. Our services work individually and in concert to grow and support your business. Your company might be using QuickBooks, but there’s no communication between your accounting data and your reporting system. Or perhaps you are already on a NetSuite or Microsoft Dynamics platform, but your needs have changed and you want better performance from your ERP. You need more efficient access to valuable data.

How our services build your business value:

    • Our implementation and integration services offer ERP solutions support that resolves inefficiencies and streamlines your processes and operations.
    • Superior Business Intelligence with real-time reporting ensures that your data is accurate, timely, and reliable.
    • As your business grows, we help you grow with it. Our tailored training and optimization services keep your company in step with changes in demand or operations.

When you partner with Conexus SG, your business portfolio is backed by the capability and credibility of world-class enterprise solutions from a NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics Gold ERP Partner.