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FEI Retail Restaurant SIG

FEI Retail Restaurant SIG

Sponsor Chairs

Chuck Copper

Zak Everson

Rene Balli

Nick Diaz

Committee Chairs

Sriram Ganapathy

Colin Gick

Clint Fendley

David Clay

Vivek Gandhi

FEI Special Interest Groups are designed to provide financial executives an industry focused group to exchange ideas with their industry peers in a smaller setting. The Special Interest Groups are formal presentations held 3-4 times per year to discuss relevant issues and strategies within a particular industry. These are panel discussions led by a moderator to facilitate an interactive dialogue between the audience and the selected industry panel. These groups may also include networking socials. The groups are managed by a CFO advisory board, a sponsorship group and members of the FEI SIG committee. The CFO Advisory Board/Steering Committee (4-5 members) is a group of FEI seated CFOs within a specific industry who determine content, facilitate discussion, and direct the sponsors on programs, panels, etc. There will be one sponsor per category within a SIG i.e., accounting firm, bank, insurance broker, etc. Sponsorship will be limited to one SIG, unless there is no competition within a category for an additional SIG. Sponsorship will first be offered to current FEI Dallas sponsors followed by potential new sponsors, then to existing SIG sponsors. The goal is to have 5-7 sponsors per SIG. Sponsors are responsible for the administration and financial support of the group. Responsibilities include coordinating the speakers, venue, and food/beverage, promoting the group, promoting attendance, and developing handouts and presentation pieces. 

Please email Rachel Gilham (rgilham@conexussg.com) or Eric Holleman (eholleman@conexussg.com) for more direct questions.