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Formula Designer

Fully Integrated from Design to Build!

Cost-effective formulations mean higher profits – unlock yours with Formula Designer. A user-friendly addition to the Blend ERP family of SuiteApps, Formula Designer allows you to set parameters, run simulations, and optimize components. 


With a click of your mouse, you can easily create a custom recipe based on specific requirements while minimizing cost.

Efficiency By Design

  • Optimize based on what matters most to you (cost, potency, or density)
  • Refine values or run multiple what-if analyses with real-time feedback
  • Minimize cost by location or globally

100% NetSuite

  • Formula Designer embeds directly into your NetSuite account
  • All costing data is sourced live
  • All inputs and outputs are NetSuite items
  • All data is available for searching and reporting

Gain Complete Control

  • Set targets for your formula to ensure viability
  • Restrict the list of raw materials that can be considered
  • Include custom data or calculations to suit specific needs
  • Mix-and-match units of measure (mass and volume)