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Quality Control

A QC System so Simple it’s Genius

Quality control software doesn’t need to be cumbersome to be great; in fact, the more intuitive the better. And that’s precisely what we’ve built. From quick setup and easy configuration to one-click CoAs and impressive security, our Quality Control SuiteApp is unmatched. If you need a quality control system that does all of the basics really, really well, then it’s your lucky day—welcome to Quality Control by Blend ERP. 


Blend ERP gives you all of the Quality Control bells and whistles you want without any of the annoyances that typically come with compliance software.

Quick, fully configurable setup

  • Designed expressly to get up and going fast
  • All fields and rules are 100% configurable to make it a perfect fit for your environment
  • Minimal training is all you’ll need to confidently use the system, and all documentation is available online on-demand
  • Add as many users as you like, and protect your system with permission levels

Everything you need— all in one place

  • Generate a certificate of analysis (CoA) in one click
  • Run internal-only QC tests
  • Set quality control limits for raw materials and/or manufactured products
  • Create unique CoA templates for each customer
  • Analyze your data inside NetSuite, or export it
  • All QC results reside in your NetSuite account and are available for searching and reporting
  • Single source of truth for all accounting, sales, manufacturing and QC data

Fully secure

  • Your data is automatically saved to the cloud in real time, so you don’t have to worry about data loss or making backups
  • Protected by NetSuite’s lauded security to give you total peace of mind