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Connecting Project Management with Project Accounting

Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Microsoft Solomon) provides mid-size businesses with ERP project functionality. Because it connects project management with project accounting to provide insight across organizations it is ideally suited for project-based enterprises, government contractors, construction, and professional services organizations.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade to SL from an outdated system, or simplify access to project based data and documents; Conexus SG delivers the critical expertise you need to optimize this solution. Starting with the initial analysis and carried through post-implementation support, Conexus SG will help you connect with the information you need to power your business. And, because it looks and operates like Microsoft Office, you can get started quickly.

As you know, with project-based businesses, timely and accurate company information leads to better estimates; a critical step in keeping projects on time and within budget. Some industry specific benefits include:

  • Construction Projects can realize lowered costs and minimized delays with more effective project management, job costing, materials management, and billing.
  • For professional services firms, SL offers time and expense entry (even from mobile devices), customized billing formats, contract administration, and complex allocations.
  • Distributors can benefit from sales, receiving, inventory, and billing solutions that can streamline processes, accelerate business and minimize errors.
  • For Government Contractors, SL provides functionality that supports DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) audit requirements.

Partnering with Conexus SG for the implementation of SL software means that your company will get a thorough examination of your business, your processes, and your needs. From there, our seasoned experts will develop a customized program tailored to your unique organization; delivering business intelligence, repeatable processes and customized, real-time reporting to decision makers at every level.

Additionally, our Certified Trainers can provide either in-person or online training for the financial, distribution and business intelligence modules to help you leverage your resources. Paired with our expert analysis and integration services, your company will have all the tools it needs to optimize your operations.



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