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Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 enables businesses of any size to combine the Microsoft Office Desktop software they already know with powerful cloud based communication and collaborations platforms.

If you are running on overworked servers or outdated software, Microsoft 365 can bring hassle-free solutions that are scalable with your business. Flat monthly user fees make costs predictable, and ensure that your company will always be working with the latest versions of software.

Conexus SG experts help your company determine if cloud based or on-premise solutions are right for your organization, and will develop the best hybrid for your needs. With our veteran team as your partner, you’ll be sure to maximize the efficiencies and benefits of Microsoft 365.

Key Features of Office 365

Microsoft Office Suite: Get the latest versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, with Office Professional Plus which can be registered on up to 5 devices per user making it easier for your people to work where and how they work best.

Email Access from Anywhere: With Exchange Online, your email and calendar can be accessed on any device with internet access. And, the security and archive features make all your messages are safe and sound, no matter where you are sending them.

Instant Messaging and Video Conferencing through the Cloud: Lync Online enables user to do everything from sending an instant message to setting up a real-time video conference for as many as 250 people. Small and large communication needs just got easier.

Share Documents, with others and with all your own devices: The SharePoint Online feature enables groups to share documents and collaborate despite geographical separation. And Sky Drive enables users to upload their documents once and then access them from any device with a browser where and when they need them.

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