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We are not in the software business — we are in the business of boosting your value. Our wide array of services work individually and in concert to grow and support your business. Your company might be using QuickBooks, but there’s no communication between your accounting data and your reporting system. Or perhaps you are already on a Microsoft Dynamics platform, but your needs have changed and you want better performance from your ERP. You need more efficient access to valuable data.

How our services build your business value:

  • Our implementation and integration services offer ERP solutions support that resolves inefficiencies and streamlines your processes and operations.
  • Superior Business Intelligence with real-time reporting ensures that your data is accurate, timely, and reliable.
  • As your business grows, we help you grow with it. Our tailored training and optimization services keep your company in step with changes in demand or operations.

When you partner with Conexus SG, your business portfolio is backed by the capability and credibility of world-class enterprise solutions from Microsoft Dynamics.