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Conexus SG — Offering Oracle® + NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions

As a Finance Professional, you require efficient information solutions that provide insight into your operations, and you need information that helps your company increase customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs.

At Conexus SG, we specialize in financial systems and process consulting. We focus on information as an asset. Our team of Oracle + NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics Certified consultants have an unmatched depth and breadth of business and technology experience. We will work closely with you and your team to understand your specific needs, and then we will craft the right solution for your business using a combination of packaged software, best of breed tools and custom programming.


Our portfolio of products accelerates your business by helping you to manage your data better. We provide Oracle + NetSuite solutions and the full range of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, as well as Microsoft Office 365, offering a wealth of choice and functionality.

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Our Dallas-based consultants leverage a combined 100 years of ERP experience to help you craft the right solution for your business. From customized training to comprehensive optimization, we cover every step of the process in maximizing your ERP.

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Training + Education


Business Intelligence


Whether you are taking your business to the next level or moving from an outdated application, our experts bring years of experience to get your processes and systems streamlined.

Microsoft Curriculum Training is available for all Financial Modules as well as Distribution and Business Intelligence. We offer in-person or online training to help your employees effectively leverage your resources.

Every company has systems that don’t talk to their ERP. Whether it’s your website, CRM, or best-of-breed operational systems, we can make them work together as an efficient single system.

Conexus SG can optimize your BI and help you find the precise information you need by drilling down to the data you want. Arm your team with the ability to create detailed reports and utilize robust data analysis. We help you increase productivity, streamline business processes, and minimize risk.

Through expert analysis, integration, training, and business intelligence, our seasoned consultants help us to optimize your dynamic business. Our process includes data capture through customized reporting. We accelerate your business environment.

Client Testimonials

They went above and beyond; they listened to us. It just wasn’t Conexus partnering with IT. Conexus spent time with IT, spent time with our business leadership to understand what was going on with our Account and Finance teams.

- Greg Nicholas, Senior Care Centers, CIO

[Conexus SG is] Knowledgeable. It’s like going to the ice cream store and buying vanilla ice cream only to discover that rainbow sherbet was available all this time!

- Teresa Vidger, Temporary Housing Directory