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01 Feb

Conexus SG Stands Ready to Support Businesses Through the Transitions of Changing Technology

Conexus SG recommends that users of Dynamics SL consider moving to NetSuite and to encourage this transition, we have created a promotion called "Bridge to NetSuite" which offers a...

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11 Nov

Microsoft Dynamics SL Year-End Update 2020

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2020 year-end updates anticipated release date is the week of December 21st for clients running SL versions 2018 and newer. The most important item to note...

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18 Jan

Management Reporter: Change Base Period/Year in Web Viewer

As each new Management Reporter cumulative update (CU) is released, at least one significant new feature is usually included. For Management Reporter 2012 CU14, that feature is the ability...

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28 Mar

Convergence 2014: Going It Solo

I got to attend Convergence 2014 unaccompanied by my associates. Rather than spend a lot of time rehashing the Microsoft Dynamics product announcements and late-breaking information that is in...

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26 Jul

How To Set Up a Project Budget in Microsoft Dynamics SL Project Budgeting Module

Microsoft Dynamics SL provides a nicely integrated set of project budgeting tools. Here's a beginner's look at how to get a budget into a project.

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29 May

Some Microsoft Dynamics SL Items to Think About

I had several blog posts planned, but I got behind. Here is everything in summarized form. Don’t worry, all the good bits are included.   SL Exams I finally...

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