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01 Feb

Conexus SG Stands Ready to Support Businesses Through the Transitions of Changing Technology

Dynamics SL

We understand that staying informed about changes to the software your company uses is essential for financial professionals. To that end, Conexus SG is pleased that Microsoft has announced an extension to the end date for mainstream support for Dynamics SL by six months, until January 2024, allowing more time for a smooth transition to NetSuite. Microsoft has also announced plans to release three more cumulative updates for SL 2018 during this time period.

Please note that while mainstream support will be extended, the end date of July 11, 2028, for extended support of SL remains unchanged. During the extended timeframe, Microsoft will only provide security patches, but will no longer offer year-end updates or new features. However, existing customers can continue to purchase new users or modules during the extended support.

Conexus SG recommends that users of Dynamics SL consider moving to NetSuite and to encourage this transition, we have created a promotion called “Bridge to NetSuite” which offers a significant discount. 

We appreciate the fact that Microsoft is taking steps to support its customers during this transition and provide assistance with moving to NetSuite. As an advisor to financial professionals, we will continue to closely monitor developments and make informed decisions about the software your company uses.       

Need help with the transition to NetSuite?

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