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Author: Conexus SG

05 Jun

What is Cost Analysis and How Do I Use It?

NetSuite provides the precise data capabilities you need for comprehensive cost analysis - ensuring better control over your decisions and your business.

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16 May

Select the Right ERP to Achieve Operational Success

To achieve true operational improvement, you need a robust ERP ecosystem that is the technology backbone supporting optimized business processes.

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29 Mar

Working with a Solutions Provider Can Save You Money on your ERP Software Solution

If your goal is to scale your software needs as your business grows, a managed solutions provider will guide you to a positive decision.

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01 Feb

Conexus SG Stands Ready to Support Businesses Through the Transitions of Changing Technology

Conexus SG recommends that users of Dynamics SL consider moving to NetSuite and to encourage this transition, we have created a promotion called "Bridge to NetSuite" which offers a...

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26 Jan

FEI Dallas Private Equity CFO Series

On Tuesday, January 31, 2023, the FEI Dallas Private Equity SIG will host the event “How To Stay Rich Once You Get Rich” with a panel of experts including a...

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18 Jan

Eight Signs QuickBooks is Holding Your Business Back

Here are the top signs that QuickBooks is limiting your business and that it’stime to leverage a better, more comprehensive tool like NetSuite. CLICK HERE to Download

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