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Conexus SG Optimization Process

the Conexus sg process: itibo

At Conexus SG, we specialize in expert Implementation, tailored Training, Integration, custom Business intelligence and reporting, and Optimization of NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) and SL (Solomon), a process that we refer to as IBITO. No matter what your ERP needs are, our Dallas-Fort Worth based team of ERP consultants has over 100 years of combined experience to help our clients use information as an asset, work smarter, and successfully optimize business operations.

Below the following graphic, you’ll find descriptions of each component in the ITIBO process. We help our clients every step of the way through this process and develop strong relationships with the businesses that we work with. From determining the right solutions to implement to further tailoring your ERP to fit the changing needs of your growing business, Conexus SG has the expertise you have been looking for as well as values that distinguish us as a trustworthy, high-touch partner to all of our clients.

We would love to hear from you and learn more about your unique needs and how we can help you address them. For a complimentary consultation, or for answers to any questions you have, please contact us today!

process for erp optimization


Our team of ERP consultants first works to discover your unique needs so that we can architect solutions that are right for your company. As our partnership with you continues, we keep a pulse on what your business demands for ongoing optimization. No matter what your current ERP needs may be, Conexus SG works to understand your company and provide the best approach for your specific requirements. If your business uses antiquated systems or your team performs manual tasks that today’s software allows companies to automate, Conexus SG will work with you to craft the best possible solution to implement. If your business already has an ERP solution in place but you are looking to maximize its value to you and your team, we will work to understand your goals and help you achieve them. If you have worked with us since implementation and now your business needs are changing because your company is growing, we will work to ensure that your ERP is keeping up. Whatever your case may be, we work to understand your current situation and develop appropriate solutions.


The Conexus SG teams works with you to implement a reliable, efficient, cost-effective ERP solution that fully integrates all of your operational and financial systems. Our solution offerings are tailorable to fit your specific needs and designed specifically to ensure that your ERP solution is working for you to make operations more efficient and streamlined. 


Using your company’s data and understanding your company’s needs, Conexus SG offers step-by-step training and education to you and your team. Our goal is to help our clients become more self-sufficient around reporting, administration, and integrations, and to have the ability to use data as an asset that informs strategic design making to spur growth. Our team customizes sessions to your individual issues and pain-points to ensure success. 


Our team works with you to make sure that your ERP solution is expertly integrated with your internal and external data systems and is tailored to the way your business works. Proper integration opens up a wealth of opportunity for your business to enjoy the fruits of minimizing inefficiencies, streamlining operations, and automating processes.


Efficient access to relevant and actionable information is key to the strategic success of your company. Conexus SG provides custom reports for your specific KPIs to help you intelligently chart the course of your company’s lifespan and better position it for long term growth and success.


Optimizing the way you work with your ERP is our top priority. No matter where in the ITIBO process you may be, our ultimate goal is to help you optimize the information you need to power your business. We give you the tools to work smarter and grow the value of your business.  The expertise, passion, and tenacity of our team allows us to do so successfully! 

conexus sg values

We are committed not only to helping you and your business optimize data, but also to developing a lasting partnership with you. 


Our Dallas-Fort Worth based consultants leverage a combined 100 years of ERP consulting experience to help you craft the right solution for your business. 

solution offerings

We provide NetSuite solutions and the full range of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, as well as Microsoft Office 365, offering a wealth of choice and functionality.

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