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Blend ERP

For next-level process manufacturing, Blend ERP is your go-to solution. Efficiency is everything and Blend ERP is the first and only SuiteApp to address your unique manufacturing requirements, production intricacies and shipping processes inside NetSuite.

Product Offerings

Process Manufacturing Optimized with Blend ERP

Key Benefits

Blend ERP’s Batch Manufacturing tool builds on the standard Work Order process, allowing users to:

  • Mix-and-match demand from customer orders and preferred inventory levels 
  • Add or remove orders at any time 
  • Create additional product for stock to maximize production volume 
  • Make component substitutions “on the fly” 
  • Built-in validation ensures your equipment isn’t overloaded 
  • Full lot traceability from raw ingredient to finished good 
  • Easily track white-labeled products 
  • Batch white-labeled products with other generic or branded products 

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