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At Conexus SG, we focus on information as an asset. Our Dallas-Fort Worth based consultants have a combined 100 years of ERP experience to answer any query. Explore our NetSuite ERP resources below for information and references. Looking for information not found in our resource’s repository? Contact us to get quick answers!

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Explore the information below to discover more about NetSuite’s offerings and learn how Conexus SG can assist you

Understand the philosophy behind Conexus SG’s services by learning more about our process, which we oftentimes refer to as ITIBO. ITIBO stands for Implementation, Training, Integration, Business Intelligence, and Optimization. No matter how well or how poorly your ERP is working for you, Conexus SG’s process is designed to help all businesses further optimize their ERPs and use information as a tool for growth. 

Conexus SG offers tailored solutions to best suit the needs and goals of our clients. Check out the ERP add-ons that we offer for NetSuite here and contact us for more information about how– when implemented strategically– NetSuite’s unique features can work to help you optimize your business. For more information about our ERP consulting services and how we can help you determine and use the add-ons and features you need to power your business, please visit our services page. 

Refer to our NetSuite video demos to learn more about NetSuite’s extensive capabilities.  

View case studies that feature a client’s specific challenges, the customized solutions that Conexus SG provided here, or view our successes page for more examples of how Conexus SG helps businesses work smarter and grow stronger. 

Download NetSuite fact sheets that cover the essentials of NetSuite, to learn more about how these solutions work for businesses like yours.

Drill deeper into topical ERP subjects with our library of NetSuite white papers and presentations. For detailed information on industry specific solutions and capabilities, please visit our industries directory.

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