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11 Jun

Managing Dynamics SL Report Templates

Here is a quick how to for manageing Dynamics SL report templates.

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29 May

Some Microsoft Dynamics SL Items to Think About

I had several blog posts planned, but I got behind. Here is everything in summarized form. Don’t worry, all the good bits are included.   SL Exams I finally...

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27 Mar

IRS Form 941 Update for 2013 for Microsoft Dynamics SL

Here is the updated Quarterly IRS Form 941 for Dynamics SL updated for 2013. You will need to be comfortable with the SQL Query Analyzer and running SQL scripts...

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01 Jan

Reduced Choices in the SL Print Preview Exporter

If you upgraded to Dynamics SL 2011, you might have noticed that you have fewer export selections when viewing reports with the Print Preview window. This is a result...

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