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Category: SL

30 Aug

Why Have a Formal Procurement Process?

The procurement process is one of the weakest points of integrity in the business process. While there are plenty of controls on handling customer payments and check writing, purchasing...

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26 Jul

How To Set Up a Project Budget in Microsoft Dynamics SL Project Budgeting Module

Microsoft Dynamics SL provides a nicely integrated set of project budgeting tools. Here's a beginner's look at how to get a budget into a project.

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19 Jul

Fine Tuning Columns in Quick Query

Many have found that the default columns available in Quick Query aren't adequate, but there is an easy way to fix it.

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10 Jul

Adding Links to Your SL Favorites

Most likely, everyone that has used Microsoft Dynamics SL has seen the “Add Screen to Favorites” when right clicking on a screen selection in the right panel of the...

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19 Jun

The latest on Dynamics SL and Windows 8

Quick reminder: If you have been thinking about purchasing extra users for SL or GP, time is running out to take advantage of the excellent discount Microsoft is offering....

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