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01 Feb

Conexus SG Stands Ready to Support Businesses Through the Transitions of Changing Technology

Conexus SG recommends that users of Dynamics SL consider moving to NetSuite and to encourage this transition, we have created a promotion called "Bridge to NetSuite" which offers a...

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11 Nov

Microsoft Dynamics SL Year-End Update 2020

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2020 year-end updates anticipated release date is the week of December 21st for clients running SL versions 2018 and newer. The most important item to note...

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01 Jan

Fix System Message 532 to Print Checks After New Year’s Day

Every year, a few of us find out we never rolled the 1099 year forward in Dynamics SL. This appears as a System Message 532 after New Year’s Day. Here is...

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03 Nov

What Does Microsoft Dynamics® SL 2015 Mean for You?

Enriched Essentials and Abundant Access ​ Business is on the move and change is all around you. Chart a new course to empower your employees and make a measurable...

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06 Jul

How to Make Template Journal Transactions in SL

Microsoft Dynamics SL allows for a number of ways to make short work of repetitive journal entries. What about journal transactions that are repetitive but have slightly different information?...

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24 Jun

How to Open Dynamics SL Screens

I’m sure it has something to do with the way Solomon was originally programmed, but for whatever reason, the screen selection logic in Microsoft Dynamics SL doesn’t quite follow...

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