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29 May

Some Microsoft Dynamics SL Items to Think About

I had several blog posts planned, but I got behind. Here is everything in summarized form. Don’t worry, all the good bits are included.


SL Exams

I finally got around to taking the SL 2011 Financials and the Installation and Configuration exams. Since I am pretty sure that there were items relating to FP1 on the test, I hope it is a sign that the exams are going to become harder to steal and remain fresh and relevant.

Anyone with a couple of years’ experience on the software will be able to pass these. Come armed with your accounting process knowledge and your ability to navigate the software.


Extra Users and Lapsed Customers Offer Almost Over

There are only about 21 days left to grab 20% off of additional SL, GP and NAV users! The sale ends June 21, 2013. Be sure and contact your partner (or us) before it is too late.

If your service plan has been lapsed since before October 2011, you have an opportunity to get back on board without penalties. This expires June 21, 2013. Don’t miss this good deal.


Management Reporter Bug

I ran across a bug in Management Reporter 2012 RU4 (MR) this week. If there is an image in the report header or footer, it could cause the viewer to crash. This usually showed up when the user tried to use the back button when drilling down into reports. I have not seen whether this is corrected in RU5 yet. I’ll update you when I do.


Management Reporter Infrastructure Planning

Since Convergence, I’ve noticed a couple of things about MR and how we need to plan our deployments. It looks to me like the web client will be the main focus of development. This means your desktop web browsers need to be up to date. Internet Explorer 9 and above is required. An up-to-date Google Chrome is also supported, so plan accordingly.

The legacy connection to the GL is also moving towards obsolescence. The preferred method is now the Dynamics Data Mart (DDM.) This impacts the storage requirements for reports. The additional storage needed for reports with detail included is huge in RU4, but has been mitigated somewhat in RU5. Keep in mind, even with the RU5 fix, there is still an additional copy of your GL detail being stored in the Data Mart.

If you are still hanging around and reading, thanks! See you back here soon.

Butch Adams
Managing Consultant
Conexus SG
Dallas, Texas

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