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Do you and your team understand how your business software works? Do you know how to use your software systems most effectively? Do you have the information that you need to power your business?  As your business grows and changes, how you use your software should, too. Conexus SG is a high touch, local partner dedicated to building strong and effective relationships with our clients to help them use information as an asset no matter what stage of implementation they are in or what changes may come their way. 

GAIN A Trustworthy, reliable PARTNER WITH VALUES

Conexus SG is comprised of experts who understand exactly how to help you optimize your business. We are passionate about what we do, friendly, professional, and adhere to a set of values that set us apart from the rest. Working with Conexus SG means you gain a group of phenomenal, trustworthy experts dedicated to you and your team. Optimizing data is about more than your ERP– it’s about having a partner that you can trust and rely on. Conexus SG is that partner. 


Our portfolio of products accelerates your business by helping you to manage your data better so that you can optimize your data better. We provide NetSuite solutions and the full range of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, as well as Microsoft Office 365, offering you a wealth of choice and functionality. 



It is always possible to further optimize your ERP. Our Dallas-Forth Worth based consultants leverage a combined 100 years of ERP consulting experience to help you craft the right solutions for your business. From customized training to comprehensive optimization, we cover every step of the process in maximizing your ERP.


WHAt our clients have to say

“[Conexus SG is] knowledgable. It’s like going to the ice cream store and buying vanilla ice cream only to discover that rainbow sherbet was available all this time!” 

— Teresa Vidger, Temporary Housing Directory

“They went above and beyond; they listened to us. It just wasn’t Conexus partnering with It. Conexus spent time with IT, spent time with our business leadership to understand what was going on with our Account and Finance teams.” 

— Greg Nicholas, Senior Care Centers, CIO

“I could not be more pleased with the service we have gotten from the Conexus team. Conexus SG is wonderful and has been such an asset to us!” 

— Melissa Cooke, CenseoHealth, CFO


Eric Holleman photo
Eric Holleman, Managing Director
Butch Adams, Dynamics SL Lead
Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 2.10.30 PM
Harry Lee, Dynamics GP Lead, GP MVP
Taylor Hodges, Director, Customer Success
TOS headshot
Tom O'Shea, NetSuite Practice Manager



Between our outstanding team, amount of combined experience, and desire to follow our values and help you optimize your business, we are confident that we can help you connect to the information that you need to use information as an asset. Don’t waste anymore time spinning your wheels! 

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