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The Leading ERP Solution for Professional Services

The performance and financial results of your company depend on the day-to-day dynamics, the cogs of the machine that work towards your big picture. Whether you’re a start-up or a large firm, a complete overview of your finances, people and projects supports your evolving business so you can adhere to the complex needs of your consumers and industry.

Take advantage of end-to-end efficiency and control with ERP solutions that can help your professional services firm get the right solution to your clients.

ERP - Professional Services

Project Management

Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps you predict demand and allocate resources to meet customer needs for products so you can get the right product to your customers at the right time. It also:

  • Integrates your projects, finances and people
  • Helps you assure timely delivery with accurate forecasting to avoid cost overruns
  • Provides accurate and real-time visibility into projects, customers and contracts so you can make effective business decisions
  • Manages schedules using a graphical representation of resources
  • Assists in maximizing cash flow with accurate and timely billing cycles
  • Increases efficiency with a web-based, workflow-enabled time and expense entries
  • Provides a complete picture of information including costs and more.

With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you can now streamline the management processes of your professional services organization including the delivery of client projects, resources required for those projects and skilled personnel and equipment.

All-In-One Financial and Planning Tool

Leverage your service-oriented architecture and business manager to support your specific needs, with resources that include:

  • Optimally aligning staff while delivering projects on time profitably
  • Unlimited templates, scenarios and possibilities as part of a plan-to-budget process
  • A quick and convenient recording of hours, expenses and team member availability
  • Social and collaboration tools
  • User-oriented reporting at all levels of data to ensure the project is on track

You also have the capability to set your own billing rules and restrictions based on project structures. At the end of a project, you can easily analyze your team’s success with summary reports that can be as big picture or detailed as you like. Create reports by project, team members, timesheets, stats and more to move forward as efficiently and as effectively as possible. These important outcomes can support decisions regarding billing rates, staff assignments or travel arrangements so you can manage profitability to the T.

From managing your staff to projects, billing and more, the world of professional services is multi-layered. It requires sophisticated tools that understand the multi-functionality of your businesses’ unique and interrelated activities to help you plan today to nurture new business tomorrow.

Conexus SG connects you with the information you need to power your business so you get the insight you need to make smart decisions. See how Microsoft Dynamics ERP can help save your professional services business time and money today!