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Tag: Management Reporter

18 Jan

Management Reporter: Change Base Period/Year in Web Viewer

As each new Management Reporter cumulative update (CU) is released, at least one significant new feature is usually included. For Management Reporter 2012 CU14, that feature is the ability...

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14 Aug

Managing Your Management Reporter Reports

Your report library is a mess. If you are using Management Reporter 2012 (MR) and storing all of your reports in a single folder, you know what I am...

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30 Jan

How an ERP System Can Help Your Business Grow in 2015

As you define your company’s goals for the upcoming year, you have no doubt considered your projected growth and expansion over the next 12 fiscal months. One way to...

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19 Jul

Management Reporter – Report View

After installing the client for Management Reporter, when the users used Report Designer and ran reports the default viewer for the reports was the Web Viewer. Some of our...

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12 Jul

Management Reporter Upgrade for GP to Rollup 5 using Datamart Connector

When converting MR to Rollup 5, we ran into a couple of gotcha’s which you might be on the lookout for. Be sure you stop the Management Reporter Process...

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