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18 Jan

Management Reporter: Change Base Period/Year in Web Viewer

As each new Management Reporter cumulative update (CU) is released, at least one significant new feature is usually included.

For Management Reporter 2012 CU14, that feature is the ability to change the base period of the report from within the web viewer. This is going to allow us to create a group of people that can do some period to period comparison of reports without having to give them access to Report Designer.

Take a look at the basic balance sheet from our Dynamics SL Contoso demo company:

Period 12 Balance Sheet

What if we need to see the period 11 results instead? Previously, if the reviewer did not have the Report Designer available, they would have had to ask for a new version of the report or have access to a link to the published report.


The New Feature in Action

  1. Click on the “Report Options” button
  2. The Report Options dialog
  3. Change the Base period selection box to the desired period
  4. Period selection in the Report Options dialog
  5. Click OK and wait for it to process
  6. Web viewer preparing new view

After processing, the report is available for review:

Period 11 Balance Sheet

One nice thing about this feature is once we generate the report, it is quick to flip between the periods while we are in this session. Until we click “Refresh,” the data is cached as is. If we need to make adjustments in the ERP system, then click “Refresh” to load the new data into the report after they have posted.

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Butch Adams
Conexus SG
Dallas, Texas

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