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07 Sep

The One-Two Punch of Reporting using Microsoft Dynamics GP and Excel Reporting

Operating with the Excel you already know and the data you’ve collected with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Grain Plains) ERP will give you an easy to use and versatile way...

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23 Jul

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2: Making Communication Easier

We are incredibly excited about GP 2013 R2. From the new reporting tools to improved workflow, getting business done just keeps getting better. Having a powerful accounting system can...

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14 Jul

Learning to Love your GP: Electronic Banking Features

So your company has been running Microsoft Dynamics GP for a while now — maybe a few months, maybe a few years.  And, while it has provided a financial...

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05 Jul

Learning to Love your Microsoft Dynamics GP – GP and Security Levels

Oftentimes as a business owner, you can’t make time to learn new things unless they will have an immediate impact on your daily affairs. How to increase sales, improve...

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20 Jun

Creating a Word Template for Dynamics GP

Creating a Word Template requires working with Microsoft Word and Dynamics GP Report Writer. This post will walk you through the required steps. It’s important to perform these steps...

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02 Jun

A Price Increase is Coming for Businesses Using Microsoft Dynamics GP, pre-2013

Microsoft Dynamics has announced a price increase is scheduled for July 1, 2014 versions that are prior to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. Mostly, they are making these changes to...

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