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Category: GP

11 Nov

Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Update 2020

It’s that time of the year again where Microsoft releases their year-end updates for Microsoft GP. Current target release date is November 20th, 2020, and will be available for...

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01 Dec

Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Close Checklist 2017 – General Ledger

It’s that time again! 2017 is just around the corner, so let’s prepare for the year-end closing procedures and updates. Here’s a checklist to guide you through the process...

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21 Nov

What to expect from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

GP 2015 is almost here! There are over a hundred new enhancements to your favorite ERP that are helping to increase your ROI and streamline your operations. Here are...

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12 Nov

Microsoft GP Two, New Receivables Management Features Add Ease and Speed

Two new Receivables Management features to streamline processes are easy to use and save valuable time by eliminating duplication — another innovation making Microsoft Dynamics GP even better.  ...

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10 Oct

Now’s the Time to Switch and Save: Microsoft Dynamics GP Starter Pack on Sale

Is your accounting system holding you back? As your business grows, so should your infrastructure. Staying ahead of the competition means making informed decisions in all aspects of your...

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10 Sep

Microsoft Dynamics GP Delivers a Streamlined Supply Chain

In the ideal supply chain, the perfect inventory levels would be in stock for every item, deliveries from suppliers and to customers would always be precisely on time, and...

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