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23 Jul

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2: Making Communication Easier

MS Dynamics GP 2013 R2We are incredibly excited about GP 2013 R2. From the new reporting tools to improved workflow, getting business done just keeps getting better.

Having a powerful accounting system can support the way you manage your business. Having a powerful system that simplifies communication within your supply chain – well, that’s just a game changer.   And, that’s what some of the new features within Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) 2013 R2 upgrade are all about. Now, sharing the right information with the right person has become easier than ever.

For example: now there are Customer Email Options that can be set up to enable different types of documents to automatically go to different recipients at a customer’s office. Packing slips can go directly to someone in receiving, while invoices can be sent directly to accounting. R2 also allows you to print and email in one step, saving you time and allowing you to work more efficiently.

Another great feature that makes communication easier is the enhancements to “Document Attach” functionality. With GP 2013 R2, documents can be shared more easily. Documents can now be scanned directly to the Document Attach window. Great for adding documents like signed agreements and expense receipts directly into the record. Also, Doc Attach will soon be added to Payables Transactions, streamlining communications with vendors. This feature will work on both the Desktop Client and the Web Client.

Tired of all that double entry? Now GP allows you to copy and paste data from an excel spreadsheet into the Financial Transaction Entry screen and prints a validation report that will indicate any errors.

Everyone wants to increase sales and work more resourcefully. Suggested Items functionality allows you to give your sales reps a script and suggest additional items based on historical data. Improving the customer experience is just one of the ways that GP helps you grow.

Do you need to perform unplanned system maintenance? Now you can message your employees from within GP to log off, then take the company offline while the designated user can complete the maintenance task.

GP 2013 R2 also now allows you to Reverse the GL Year End Close if you need to edit, and will warn users to perform a backup while verifying all users are out of GP for the process. This previously had to be done by the professional services team from Microsoft.

Add these to all the other powerful features like Business Analyzer, improved requisition and workflow, better identity management and a host of other improvements and you can see why Microsoft Dynamics GP2013 R2 can accelerate the way you do business.


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