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02 Jun

A Price Increase is Coming for Businesses Using Microsoft Dynamics GP, pre-2013

Microsoft Dynamics has announced a price increase is scheduled for July 1, 2014 versions that are prior to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. Mostly, they are making these changes to encourage users to transition to GP2013 and their new, simplified, Perpetual Licensing module pricing structure.

The Licensing Models that are affected are:


Business Ready Licensing (BRL)

This pricing structure was introduced in 2006 and includes both the Business Essentials and Advanced Management editions (where every user has access to every module).

Only the Business Essentials customers will have a price increase.   The current user price is $2250, and the new price will be $2600.

For BRL Advanced Management, the current tiered pricing will not change. However, some users of this pricing structure may benefit by upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013; where seats can cost up to $980 less than on the BRL Advanced Management pricing model.


Module Based Licensing (MBL)

This pricing structure was introduced prior to 2006 for companies who purchased specific modules on a more individualized basis. There will be no change for the MBL Standard user price, but the MBL Professional licenses will now be $2600 per user.

If your business is operating on one of these systems, what does this mean for you? Mostly, it means ACT NOW, before those prices go into effect. And, if you are considering adding more users or upgrading to GP2013, one of the experts at Conexus SG can help determine how to maximize the ROI on your GP system.

Contact Conexus SG today at info@ConexusSG.com or at 469-828-3274. We’ve been working with Microsoft Dynamics ERP products for years and can get you where you want to be. Our services include Implementation, Training, Integration, Business Intelligence and Optimization. We turn your data into insight.

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