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10 Sep

Microsoft Dynamics GP Delivers a Streamlined Supply Chain

In the ideal supply chain, the perfect inventory levels would be in stock for every item, deliveries from suppliers and to customers would always be precisely on time, and every piece, part, and packaging material would have an easily accessible and logically ordered space on the shelves. And, of course, all packing slips, invoices, purchase orders and approvals would flow smoothly from the inbox to the outbox.

But, in reality, shipments arrive before the dock is ready, returns jam up the whole system, and things begin to run inefficiently. All it takes is a few big orders and things can really get chaotic. The time it takes to organize this chaos is keeping you from strategically planning your company’s future.

Here’s the good news. Microsoft Dynamics GP can keep your supply chain running smoothly. Using powerful analytic tools with real time data, managers are able to see what they need and where they need it. That puts you back into your role of growing the business.


Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics GP include:

  • Systems can adjust to fluctuating needs, keeping your data management ahead of input. Also, MS Dynamics products can be tailored for ever-changing regulatory requirements and customer expectations. This ensures your ability to track and report the data needed.


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  • Tools and reporting that enable managers to keep tabs on the daily activity; spotting potential disruptions before they impact production. Reporting tools also provide executives the KPIs needed to make long-term strategic decisions. With out-of-the-box reporting capabilities including intuitive SmartLists, over 200 Excel reports, SSRS reporting, and Management Reporter, your data is at your fingertips with the click of a button.


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  • More data means a clearer picture of actual results. From fuel costs to production time, decision makers can easily track, analyze, and share data with the bottom line in mind.


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  • Analysis of historical data exposes trends about customers and products. This enables you to discover new sales opportunities, keep tabs on the competitive market, and even provide better customer service. There’s a lot to be said for knowing what your customer needs before they do – this fortifies any business relationship.

Built in SmartLists give you a quick way to find the information you need to better support your customers.

smartlist for supply chain

  • By keeping all the data in one place, everything moves faster: production, invoicing, and reporting – without adding headcount. Microsoft Dynamics GP consistently enables companies to grow and improve business while keeping administrative costs and headcount manageable.

Working with a Microsoft Dynamics reseller like Conexus SG, which focuses on treating information like an asset, can help make your supply chain run smoothly with valuable insight that drives success.

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