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21 Nov

What to expect from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

GP 2015 is Capturealmost here! There are over a hundred new enhancements to your favorite ERP that are helping to increase your ROI and streamline your operations. Here are just a few of the productive new ways to power your business:

  • MS Excel, Office 365, and Power BI with Dynamics GP 2015 working as one gives you a whole new way to look at how you approach your day. For advanced users of MS Excel and Power BI, the applications are even better at helping you report quickly and more intelligently. The new SmartList Designer function will create reports that can be refreshed like Pivot Table reports, and are directly linked with SQL views. Using one login for all these services will enable streamlined integration and the ability to move seamlessly throughout applications to dynamically manage your business.
  • The feature introduced in latest Dynamics GP (2013 R2) – Workflow 2.0 – will be improved to include the approvals of General Ledger, Payables and Receivables in batch. Vendor setup and management will be more optimized, offering greater control and automation. GP 2015 will include:
    • General Ledger Batch Approval
    • Receivables Batch Approval
    • Payables Batch Approval
    • Vendor Approval
    • Employee Profile Approval
    • Employee Skills Approval
    • Direct Deposit Approval
    • W4 Approval
    • Expense Report Approval
  • Changes made in the forms to account for changes in the Affordable Care Act. A new field has been added to the Dependent window to designate “Covered” or “Not Covered”. The Affordable Care Act window will also be added to the Benefit Setup in Human Resources to provide you with a list of codes for the program.
  • Employee Self Service is another great function that lets employees fill out their own forms and change their information themselves without having to work through HR. This would be subject to the approval of head of a department/team lead so that work flow is not disturbed, but would deliver value for employees and reduce the workload of managers. Through the Human Resources/Payroll Pending Approval Navigation List, managers can see a list of all of their assigned tasks in one place.
  • Microsoft has also added additional payment terms options to facilitate unique customer requirements that will include:
    • Due Date Option using Transaction Date
    • Add Days to Due Date
    • Additional Due Options
    • Additional Discount Options
    • Options: Next Month, Months, Month/Day and Annual

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 offers significant product enrichments and fulfills the promise of continued innovation. We are excited to see the final deliverables as we near December 1st.

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