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01 Feb

Why an ERP Partner is Necessary

After deciding to implement an ERP system in your business, it may seem like the hard part is done.  You’ve recognized the potential cost savings and efficiency of using ERP software and all that’s left to do is pick a software package and get started, right?

Well, not exactly. You could try to implement the system yourself, but that leads to the same kind of  redundant administrative expenses that you are trying to eliminate. Hiring an employee, or training one, to implement your ERP system leads to more expenses down the road. Instead, consider choosing an experienced ERP partner who can make the transition much more efficient and effective as well as less expensive.


What is an ERP partner?

ERP systems are designed to eliminate the need for administrative personnel who perform tasks that can be automated. With the inventory management, shipping and payment functions, and task scheduling options of the right ERP system, your business can avoid human errors, reduce costs, and streamline production.

Your ERP partner is a firm dedicated to understanding how the software can best be integrated with your business needs. These consultants specialize in making your job easier. They can evaluate your ERP software needs, customize the process for your business and help you anticipate how and when to tweak the system.


What Should I look for in an ERP partner?

Hiring an ERP partner for your business is a lot like hiring the perfect employee. Your partner should have the breadth of knowledge and experience to help you choose the software that is best for your company. They should be able to help you look at Microsoft Dynamics solutions to determine which system meets both your current and future needs as well as providing technical support when you need it, rather than on their schedule.


What Does an ERP Partner Do?

Your ERP partner’s primary goal is to let you concentrate on what you do well: manage your business. While you take care of the big picture, your ERP systems partner acts as accountants, programmers, and consultants to help you reduce the overhead of administrative tasks while making them work more efficiently.

Your ERP partner will review Microsoft Dynamics products and determine which is best for your needs. They should be focused on helping your company reach its growth goals and maximize profitability. That means making sure your Microsoft Dynamics software is efficient and easy for your employees to use. Your partner evaluates your software needs, takes care of updates and keeps your business running smoothly.

Choosing an ERP system for your company makes good economic sense, but your savings and value may be reduced if you try to implement the system yourself. Choosing an experienced ERP partner will provide your company with a wealth of experience without the overhead of a new employee. When you choose an ERP partner, you are investing in peace of mind that your system will work as intended, the first time and every time.

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