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11 Sep

Growing Pains? Bring Sales Forecasting and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) to the next level with Microsoft Dynamics GP

When business is on the upswing, it is critical to make sure that manufacturing has everything it needs to capture all that new business. With more raw materials and finished products to manage, Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers robust planning and scheduling tools for growing businesses, facilitating both big-picture planning and day-to-day operations.

While no company has a crystal ball, taking the time to develop sales forecasts will ensure manufacturing resources are being used efficiently. The manufacturing suite of products within Microsoft Dynamics GP can be configured to work with a broad range of business needs.

For example, the Sales Forecasting module can create multiple sales forecasts for individual products. Examining best-case and worst-case forecasts for a variety of time frames will enable purchasing and staffing professionals to plan resource allocation accordingly.

Additionally, the GP sales forecasting tools can be used to set demand. By running the MRP module based on the different forecasts (or even combining them), suggested work orders for manufacturing and purchase orders of all necessary components can be created.

Watch this short video to see just how simple it is to generate forecasts and the MRP tools like work orders and purchase orders.

This powerful tool makes it simple to create “what if” analyses of multiple scenarios that come with growth and market dynamics.

For more information about how GP can provide powerful tools to keep manufacturing running smoothly, especially during times of growth, call Conexus SG at 469-828-3274 or contact us today!

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