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13 Jun

The Fine Art of Sales Tax — and Vice Versa

In 2015, fine art sales amounted to a whopping $63.8 billion. While this is nearly 5 billion dollars less than the art market’s all-time high in 2014, visual art...

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20 Oct

Microsoft Dynamics GP Copy/Paste Functionality

Let’s say you purchased a Microsoft Dynamics GP enterprise resource planning system (ERP), or you are thinking about buying it. You hear over and over again that it saves...

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14 Oct

COO: What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

From inside the forest of excel spreadsheets, if you, the COO or director of operations, can’t deliver a transparent real-time snap-shot of the company’s daily operations and sale-to-cash cycle,...

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02 Oct

What ERP Means for the C-Suite

  Surely Warren Buffet’s sage words, “Rule No. 1: Never lose money; Rule No. 2: Don’t forget Rule No. 1,” as recorded in the 2006 Wall Street Journal Best...

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25 Aug

CIO: What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning?)

If your organization is using a plethora of spreadsheets to make strategic or even day-to-day operational decisions, you know your company’s financial flow is fragmented.  That may be just...

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19 Aug

CFO: What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

No matter the CFO’s or the finance manager’s talent and dedication, technology dictates whether a company’s financial function is administrative whack-a-mole or a strategic driver that propels growth.  Unless...

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