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25 Jun

What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

Running your business just got easier with Microsoft Dynamics GP. The introduction of new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 can help you further streamline your operations and connect you with the information you need to power your business.

There are over a 100 new enhancements to this highly scalable and affordable business-management platform to optimize your business’ productivity. But first, need a refresher about your favorite ERP? Microsoft Dynamics GP is a quick-to-implement, easy-to-use business solution that goes beyond simple resource planning. It has the business intelligence to help your team make choices that ultimately drive business growth. It helps you make informed decisions that keep your ROI at top of mind: cash flow, pay roll, inventory management and customer relationships. As your company grows, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 adapts; it enables you to manage the process of growth more efficiently and strategically.

Connect, Build and Grow Anytime, from Anywhere

The New Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 has features that will transform your business so you can run it from anywhere at any time. We’ve heard your feedback and improved the software based on your needs and interface with the program. New features help make this your one-stop-shop and a portal that helps meet your payroll, accounting, reporting needs and more.

Innovative New Web Client & Companion Apps

Available on multiple mobile platforms, these apps enable your teams to connect and contribute wherever, whenever and however they want. This also allows your IT team to extend web access to your users without worrying about sacrificing security and control.

SQL View Designer

Users can submit SmartList Designer queries to workflow to create SQL views within the Company Database.


You can display debits before credits and allow administrators to select the default visibility for new SmartList favorites.

Documents & Reporting

The new SQL Reporting Service Report now has a cutoff date based on transaction date or GL postdate to allow customers to use the report for historical purposes. You can also view all related purchasing documents for a single transaction in one window. Select a purchasing invoice and window will refresh to show POs, receipts, payments etc. The Purchasing All-in-One Document View is accessible from Vendor Maintenance, many purchasing inquiry windows, navigation lists and the home page.

The System now enables email support on all document formats: blank, short, long or other. It also supports all Purchase Order Processing documents formats. You can also send Document Attachment files with workflow task notification emails. Scan payables invoice and attach it to the transaction and submit through workflow.


You can automatically deposit cash receipts and view analytical accounting transaction lists. These lists now include more data and a column for each transaction dimension. View these improvements in SmartLists and Excel Reports.

You have control. You can define workflow process for Payable invoices, charges, credit memos and returns. It also helps you stay on track with each customer. You can choose when you are notified of a customer who is over the credit limit you set for them; you can select to display an icon or give a warning message for a customer who is over their credit limit in Receivables Setup.

Combine GL Summary and Detail Inquiry Windows

View open and historical information in the same window for Summary Inquiry, Detail Inquiry and for Account Summary. Any GoTo’s or drill backs will now go to the single window instead of the user picking open or history.

HR and Payroll

You can select which reports you want to mask SSNs from the Report Masking window for added security. The employee can now view and print their own W2 (the action will display on the Time Management home page). Speaking of time, the Time Management App will allow GP Employees to enter Vacation and Sick time in payroll or time off against Benefit Timecodes within HR. The app is available for Windows 8, iOS iPad devices and Android tablets.


A Self-Service User License provides support for an additional user type. It limits the navigation and functionality to essential tasks the self-service user will need. Security roles will be tailored to the Self-Service User Type and enables users to quickly filter tasks that are available to each user type.

Put the power of innovative and flexible tools in your business’ hands to be proactive and productive so you can stay ahead of the competition. Keep your business moving forward with easy-to-use Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. Ready to act? Contact Conexus SG today at 469-828-3274 or via email at info@conexussg.com, to answer your questions about upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP. See how you can get the information you need to power your business.

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