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25 Nov

Outgrowing Quickbooks?

Are you outgrowing Quickbooks? Act now so you can start the New Year off right!

As the year comes to a close, now is a great time to assess whether your small or mid-sized company has outgrown Quickbooks. Don’t waste another moment doing double data entry or trying to configure Quickbooks to do things it wasn’t designed for. The longer you wait to make the change, the more you have to lose.

Do the following situations ring true for your business:

– You can’t keep up with demand, even as you add headcount. As your product line expands and you enter new markets, the more complicated nature of things that use to be simple, like invoicing or month end, shouldn’t take hours (or days). Business process automation can help handing this growth without adding headcount to your payroll.

– You can’t wrap your arms or your head around the business anymore. Now that your business is more than a few people, having controls in place and effective auditing become increasingly critical. Protect your business with a solution that supports and enforces well-defined processes and gives tighter control over payments, purchasing and inventory management.

– You can’t scale operations to support business growth. More people and more productivity are required to keep up with demand. Don’t let the size of your database, transaction limits or limited system access stand in the way of your growth. You need a solution that can scale up with your business.

– You spend too much time being reactive and not enough time being proactive. Looking at last quarts sales figures aren’t enough anymore. The right solution can give you insight into current activities and developing trends to provide better visibility into what drives your profitability.

– You have too many systems to juggle. Do you use different tools to administrate contracts, track customers, manage delivery systems, as well as your accounting software? As business grows, the inability for these systems to talk to each other can make it hard to manage customer demands and vendor requirements.

If these sound like problems facing your business, Conexus SG can help determine which Microsoft Dynamics solution would best help you get past the Quickbooks hang-ups and on the road to a streamlined business.

Microsoft Dynamic Solutions are simple, usable and flexible; giving you complete control over core business processes. Some of the best reasons to choose a Microsoft ERP solution:

– People Get It. These solutions look and work like Microsoft Office. That means everyone can get easily get on board and get to work.

– It works the way you do. It’s customized to give your people relevant insights for their daily work, helping to solve today’s problems and plan effectively for tomorrow.

– It’s on your terms. Your team can work when and where they want: at the office, home or on the road. Cloud and on-premises deployments give you the flexibility to choose what is best for your business.

– It reduces risk. With RapidStart Services, implementations can take less time and less money than going through a manual setup. And, you can import data from your legacy accounting system so you can be up and running in less time and with less risk.

And, the expertise of Conexus SG will get these systems installed and working without your business missing a beat. Even better, through training, customization and experienced support, Conexus SG will optimize your business intelligence and accelerate your business.

Contact Conexus SG today at 469-828-3274 or via email at, to answer your questions about upgrading from Quickbooks. See how you can get the information you need to power your business.


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