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21 Dec

Give The Gift Of Microsoft Dynamics GP!

Get it before December 24, 2013 and save up to 50%!

Make it easier for your people to be more efficient. Just give them access to the relevant resources their jobs require and they’ll more effectively tackle their day-to-day tasks. All it takes is the simple implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP and a little help from ConexusSG.  And, if you act now, you can get 5 seats for $3000, that’s 50% off the regular price.

Easy to install and easy to use, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you see across your organization, making an impact from your desk to the front desk with integrated Financial Management, Business Intelligence and Reporting, Supply Chain Management, and Sales, Service and Project Management. It connects your people with each other, links the many moving parts of your company, and makes your team as effective as it can be.

And, ConexusSG will stay with you long after the sale.  With comprehensive integration, education, and support, our seasoned team will make sure your company harnesses the amazing power of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Here are some great reasons to switch to Microsoft Dynamics GP and ConexusSG today:

  • More Familiar  Be productive, right out of the box. Microsoft Dynamics GP looks, works and acts like Microsoft Office, so your team knows how to put it to work the instant you put it in place.
  • More Relevant  Give everyone precisely what they need to do their specific job. With role-tailored access and tools, the right people get just the right information, when they need it.
  • More Flexible  Choose from cloud or on-premises deployment—whatever works for your business. ConexusSG can answer all your questions (and maybe ask a few more to consider) to determine which solution will work best for your needs.  And your team can take care of the job from the office, from the road and at home—wherever they’re most productive.
  • Less Hassle  Take the headaches out of the implementation process with an out-of-the box solution designed to get you up and running quickly. In addition, ConexusSG has can put together the most affordable, appropriate solutions to customize these tools to suit your business needs.

Act Now:

The price has never been so good. And, time is running out.  This offer expires on December 24th.

Want to see more about how to know if you are ready to give Quickbooks the boot?  Check out our blog post from November 28th.

Ready to act? Contact Conexus SG today at 469-828-3274 or via email at info@conexussg.com, to answer your questions about upgrading from Quickbooks. See how you can get the information you need to power your business.

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