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12 Dec

ERP Software Selection

5 Questions every SMB should ask when selecting ERP Software

Now that you have decided your growing business is ready for more sophisticated software, the marketplace can be a little overwhelming.  Below are some questions you should ask when selecting ERP software products and partners to ensure you get the most out of your investment of time and money.

Question 1:  How easy is it to learn the new system?

Good software should be intuitive.  And, while a little training can go a long way to making sure your employees can wring every piece of data out of your system, having a good general understanding of “how” it works will reduce training time and increase productivity right off the bat.

Question 2:  Does the new system support the ways your people work? 

As the lines between personal and work computing get more and more blurry, it is important to make sure that any new capital expenditures are for systems that work both inside the office and out in the field.

Question 3:  Can the solution be deployed in a way that fits my business?

If you are running Quickbooks online to currently manage your accounting, are you planning on investing in the infrastructure to maintain a new solution in-house?  Or, do you want to switch to cloud-based solutions?

Question 4:  What kind of service can you expect after the sale?

Deploying an ERP system is not something most SMBs should go alone. Having the right vendor means implementation assistance, system integration, and ongoing support well into the future.

Question 5:  Does the vendor understand the needs of small and midsized businesses?

Make sure to ask any vendor about their track record for helping businesses like yours in achieving the results you are seeking. Case studies and references will help you do your homework.

Asking those questions will help you to get a feel for the products that suit your needs and the partners who will expertly handle the whole process. This is where Conexus SG and the Microsoft Dynamics products we offer set us apart from other ERP products and providers. We will work closely with you and your team to understand your specific needs, and then we will craft the right solution for your business using a combination of packaged software, best of breed tools and custom programming.

Some of the highlights:

  • Our products are familiar and easy to use. Microsoft Dynamics solutions look and operate like the Microsoft Office products you’re already using, as well as analytics tools like SharePoint and SQL Server. Conexus SG can  increase productivity by creating personalized dashboards and clear workflows so your time-to-value ratio for your ERP will go up.
  • We can tailor a program for how you work. The best solution will be the one that provides your team with access on the devices that make them the most productive. Whether they are in the office, at home, or working from a remote job site, employees can use a laptop, tablet or cell phone to update information as they get it. Conexus SG can help conduct an inventory of your current devices and develop a program that makes sense for how you work.
  • We make sure to consider costs for startup and beyond.  Conexus SG will provide a thorough review of your current systems and your business goals to assess the benefits and costs of a variety of options.  Together, we can determine the best solution for you and your team.  Whether it is cloud-based or on-premise, we can deploy the solution that works best for your business.
  • We will work with you for the long term. Partnering with Conexus SG also means you’ll be provided innovative solutions to help you adapt to new market complexities. The constant innovation at Microsoft Dynamics and expert staff at Conexus SG are committed to ensuring that your ERP software is optimizing your business from day one and well into the future.
  • We have experience with SMBs.  Conexus SG has an experienced staff that has spent years working with Microsoft Dynamics Products.  We are proud of our long-term relationships with customers across a range of industries, and would be glad to share our track record with companies considering a new ERP.

Are you ready to grow? Contact Conexus SG at 469-828-3274 or via email at info@conexussg.com, to get started today! See how you can get the information you need to power your business.



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