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10 Jul

Adding Links to Your SL Favorites

Most likely, everyone that has used Microsoft Dynamics SL has seen the “Add Screen to Favorites” when right clicking on a screen selection in the right panel of the interface.

add screen to favorites

For those that open only a couple of screens in a typical day, this is probably enough.

What if you spend most of your day across several screens, comparing data to outside sources, referring to references outside the built-in help system and opening web pages and more?

The Favorites menu on the Home screen might be able to help when adding links!

When you have Favorites highlighted and then click on the tools tools icon icon, you can see the “Add XXX to Favorites” options not related to built-in screens become available.

Click “Add External Link to Favorites”

add external link to favorites

I want to add a .pdf file to my favorites, so in the open dialog that pops up I’ll change the file type selection from “Applications” to “All Files” so that I can see everything available.

add external application

Then I click on my General Ledger User Guide and click Open. Just like that, I have a new external link to a file that will open its associated program when double clicked.

open external file

That full path name to the file in my link  is a little ugly, so let’s fix it. Right click on the new link and click “Organize Favorites”

organize favorites

In the Organize dialog, click rename and just spell out “General Ledger.”

rename document

Now move it up or down to the desired spot

move document

There you have it, a link to your GL User’s Guide.

With the “New Folder”, “Move Up” and “Move Down” ability in the Organize dialog, it is easy to make an easy access work flow where your screens, websites, Excel files, reports, and applications can be managed.

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