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20 Jun

Microsoft Dynamics GP Dexterity Class

I’m currently taking a Dexterity class at Conexus SG in Dallas, Texas. The class is being taught by Leslie Vail(A Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP). I am in the 4th day of the class and wanted to comment on the value I received. Even though a user may never write a word of Dexterity code, the understanding of the basic syntax and procedures used in GP will expand your understanding of GP. A perfect example is the cryptic error message in GP referring to a get/change operation causing a problem. The get or change command in Dexterity has to do with retrieving data from the physical data storage (normallySQL) and returning the values to Dexterity for processing. The get command returns the data in a read only manner, where the change command will return the data for modification. If you get a “get/change” error, more than likely there is a problem associated with accessing the data platform. Simple but profound!

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