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07 Jan

Power BI for Microsoft Office 365 Excel, Business Intelligence You Already Have

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have meaningful insight into your company’s data with the click of a button, from virtually anywhere? Even better, if you didn’t have to spend a fortune to install and train on new systems?

Well, my friend, it is your lucky day. With Power BI for Microsoft Office 365 you can use Excel to analyze and shape your data into useful reporting tools. Some of the amazing things that Power BI can do:

Search and Combine: Power Query online search enables users to pull data from various internal sources and external sources like the S&P 500 to create useful Excel-based reports in only a few clicks. There is also functionality that allows data to be filtered, transformed and combined and then simply shared with colleagues.

Analyze: Power Pivot brings the power of in-memory analytics into Excel.  You can create custom measurements, hierarchies and even KPIs — all in the Excel environment you already know.

Visualize:  Using Power View and Power Map, you can see your data in bold and interactive new ways. This program provides data exploration, visualization and presentation capabilities for all skill levels.

Conexus SG can optimize your BI and help you find the precise information you need by drilling down to the data you want. Arm your team with the ability to create detailed reports and utilize robust data analysis. We help you increase productivity, streamline business processes, and minimize risk. Get the most out of your BI tools and accelerate your business. Contact us for more information, email info@conexussg.com or call 469-828-3274.

For brief video demonstrations of these powerful tools, click here.

Then get out there and start using your data to accelerate your business.  These tools are the future of  business intelligence, so get there before the competition.

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